For the past while, the Dungeons and Dragons website has been putting out features called “Unearthed Arcana” that has been detailing new rules, settings and much more for a brand new style of play. In prior posts, there has been the introduction to the new class ‘Mystic’ who is proficient in the ways of the new power ‘psionics’. There has also been new rules and creatures that will allow adventures head to the seas with marine creatures and rules that enable a massive war scenario. This time, the post talks about technomancy.

Titled ‘modern magic’, the focus shifts on how this effects current classes like the Cleric and their new ability to teleport with the mass transit in the city domain. The Warlock’s ability to have a ghost in machinery or Rogue’s AI that can help against hacking.

The new exciting addition is the Technomancer. As the name suggests, their ability stems from the manipulation of technology including smartphones, machinery and other forms of electronics. The spells mentioned for this class include “On/off”, Systems Backdoor and Invisibility to Cameras.

A modern twist for an old classic. It’s a welcome addition and it definintely feels like they’re working with some new ideas. Anything to get more cyberpunk in my life is always a plus!

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