EA released a new trailer today for the upcoming “Criminal Activity” DLC pack for Battlefield: Hardline.

The trailer showcases four new multiplayer maps, each with its own unique visual flair. The trailer also reveals a new playable vehicle for gamers to use in their criminal pursuits.

The trailer concludes with an outline of all the new content provided in the upcoming pack. “Criminal Activity” will include four new weapons, two new attachments, a second new vehicle, and six new masks for players to wear.

The list also hints at a powerful new gadget, and an “intense new game mode.” What exactly the gadget and game mode are have yet to be revealed.

The Criminal Activity DLC will release sometime next month, but Premium subscribers will enjoy two weeks of early access to the new content.

Are you excited for the Criminal Activity DLC? Would you like to see more from future Hardline content packs? Sound off in the comments below.

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