Video games are more than just mindless entertainment.  They are a gateway, much like books and cinema, to other worlds.  If a video game is done well it can suck you in and take you to places you’ve never imagined could exist, and they’re only getting better with immersion as technology goes on.

Sometimes this can be for a wondrous and magnificent experience.  Other times it can leave you crying in the corner with no memory of what happened and the fear to even switch the game back on looming bigger than a skyscraper in your mind.

With that in mind we’ve decided to take a look at the top five scariest settings in video games.

As a quick disclaimer this won’t be naming any specific locations such as Silent Hill or Racoon City.  This will be more of a general look at the setting, though those places may be referenced.

Without further spiel let’s dive right in.

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