Haunted Towns or Homes

Scary.  Silent Hill PT.

Yes, the best example of this are the Silent Hill games.  Is the internet appeased?

Granted I’d not played the Silent Hill games until much later in my life.  It wasn’t a series that I felt comfortable playing because of how many people saying how scary it was.

Fast forward to 2014 and I’d just managed to crawl my way through Five Nights at Freddy’s and felt pretty good about myself.  So I decided to give them a look.

It gave me more respect for haunted locations as a setting, even if the game was a little dated with how it looked.

For the most part movies depict Paranormal Activity as the apex of haunting and those movies are just plain dumb.  Immersion is almost at zero and you feel that anything that gets the movie over with faster would be a blessing.

With games like Silent Hill that utilize the haunted locations to their full effect you want to keep going, you want to survive.  But every little bump in the night causes you to look back with that little moment of hesitation that could spell your doom.

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