Post Apocalyptia

Scary.  Fallout 3, a trooper guns down a ghoul with a minigun.

The end of the world can be a terrifying thing, especially if you’ve just got used to the comfort zone of modern life in the setting you’re playing as.  While Fallout probably doesn’t strike many as a “horror” game it’s still pretty scary.

From a perspective of being the Lone Wanderer or any of the Fallout protagonists, forced into a world gone mad from what was once a peaceful life in a vault or in a safe zone.

It plays mostly on the fears of what the world has created, the psychopaths and bandits that prey on the weak are the least of your concerns but still highlight the nature of some humans.

For the most part the biggest fears that games like Fallout put into me was the fear of giant stealthy scorpions sneaking up and stinging me in the spine.

Of course Fallout isn’t the only example of post apocalyptia but it’s probably one of the most well-known, and while V.A.T.S can break the immersion sometimes it still remains a treacherous and deadly place to return to.

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