Just in time for the Halloween season, Deceptive Games have announced that Alone? VR, a horror mystery experience for the HTC Vive, will be available through Steam on October 7.

Players will be tasked with tracking down their missing sister, Michelle, whose recent disappearance left little evidence beyond a mysterious letter. The letter implores the player to return to their childhood home and investigate a series of strange occurrences. In the search for Michelle, players will investigate classic horror environments such as a haunted house, a dimly lit series of caves, and an abandoned morgue.

The game features a unique hybrid control scheme. While players can manipulate objects in the world using the Vive wands, player movement is controlled via the wand trackpad rather than the more typical teleportation system seen in most roomscale VR experiences. While some have expressed concern that controller-based locomotion in first person VR games can cause motion sickness, Deceptive Games claims that their particular control solution “allows for full immersion.”

Vive owners can expect Alone? VR to require the standard minimum hardware suggested for most VR games: an Intel i5 4500 series processor paired with an NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU.

If the trailer below is any indication, Vive owners looking for jump scares and spooky environments will find plenty in Alone? VR.

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