Chet Faliszek took the stage at EGX to address something on a lot of gamers mind: VR motion sickness.

“We have people come in who don’t want to do demos. In a party of ten people there will be someone who says, ‘I’m gonna be sick, I’m gonna be sick, I can’t do this.'” Explained Faliszek, pointing out that only certain experiences cause motion sickness – so the hardware can’t be to blame.

The Lighthouse system allows users to move within a controlled space, rather then the W key or pushing the thumbstick forward, which, according to Faliszek, are leading causes of motion sickness.

Having conventional outputs for the movement increases the risk that you are going to cause the consumers motion sickness. Valve, Oculus, and Sony all have non-traditional and new ways to control your experience in the VR, which can reduce motion sickness. Currently Valve is the only VR to sell it packaged with the main unit.

Originally reported by Game Industry.

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