The following information has been found invalid due to the article being based upon sources later found to be un-credible. Please ignore the following text.

Next week, players will not be able to enjoy the weekly Nightfall and Heroic strikes in Destiny as final preparations for the House of Wolves expansion are rolled out. The strikes may become available sometime after the expansion is released next Tuesday (May 19th), but the patch needed for the House of Wolves has become a priority for Bungie. Don’t worry though; they will be returning the week following the expansion’s release.

That being said, try to get through the Nightfall and Heroic strikes this week, where you’ll be facing off against Omnigul. If you feel as though you’ve seen a lot of her and the Archon Priest recently, you’re probably right. Don’t be so quick to bash Bungie, though – they’ve been working hard to make sure the House of Wolves has a successful launch next week. For the Nightfall, the Arc Burn, Juggler, and Lightswitch modifiers are active, so break out your Thunderlords and Fatebringers if you have them. The Heroic strike won’t have Arc burn or Lightswitch, but Juggler will still be active. And, as usual, you can run the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End if you’d like more rewards.

In other news, patch 1.2.0 for Destiny has been delayed slightly, and won’t be released today… well, it was technically released last week, but Bungie hasn’t activated it yet. It was scheduled to be activated today, but that will be rescheduled. Bungie hasn’t announced just when that will be, so we’ll let you know once that information has been released.

Question: What’s your favorite weapon to use in the Weekly Nightfall and Heroic strikes? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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