Studio boss at Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, has confirmed that they will not be showing anything at this year’s E3. This puts to rest any rumors of Titanfall 2 being involved during EA’s press conference. Vince stated on Twitter, “For everyone asking, we aren’t showing anything at E3 this year. I’ll get to actually see all the games!”

Although Titanfall 2 is not going to be shown at E3, it was confirmed last month that a sequel to Titanfall is in development. The first game only came out on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Respawn says they learned a lot from Titanfall and that the sequel will be multi-platform.

It is clear that Titanfall 2 is still in early development. After all, Titanfall was released just a little over a year ago. When it is ready for the public, Respawn and EA will reveal it. Unfortunately for Titanfall fans, they may have to wait till E3 2016 for that.



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