The Kickstarter campaign for a movie based on the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair has been cancelled. The project, however, still has life. In a Kickstarter update post, animators and producers Don Bluth and Gary Goldman explained that they will create a “stronger, more valiant” effort on another popular crowdfunding website, Indiegogo.

“Today, we are cancelling our crowdfunding campaign. Ah, but Dirk and Daphne are not done yet! We’ll all be back in action on Tuesday, December 1st with a stronger, more valiant campaign we modeled after many of our suggestions.”

The new Indiegogo campaign is now live and can be found here. The original Kickstarter asked for $550,000, which would go towards a 10-minute teaser that would be used to pitch the film to Hollywood studios.When the project was cancelled, it had raised $240,000 from around 3,000 people.

The new Indiegogo campaign has a lower goal of $250,000, an amount that was nearly reached by the cancelled Kickstarter. The new goal has nearly been reached with only $7,500 left to go.

Bluth and Goldman have worked on many animated films in the past, including The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven, An American Tail, and The Secret of NIMH. The creators say that even 30 years after the game’s release, Dragon’s Lair is what their fans know them best for, claiming there are millions of fans today.

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