Haven’t played Rogue Legacy yet?

Another chance is headed your way when Rogue Legacy arrives on Xbox One systems on May 27. The game was originally released for PC in 2013, followed by releases on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita in 2014.

The game, developed and published independently by Cellar Door Games, is a platforming game with rogue-like elements in its gameplay. The game features randomly generated levels and dungeons.

Perhaps most unique to the game is its respawn system. After each character death, you come back as a descendent of your previous character with a new trait, characteristic, or ability. Some of these include color blindness (causing the game to be presented in black and white for the player), ADHD (the player moves 30% faster), or Dwarfism (turning the character very small, allowing it to enter and explore small spaces). There are 37 currently known traits that appear in the game.

Are you going to finally play Rogue Legacy on your Xbox One, or have you already experienced it somewhere else?

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