Announced a few days ago, Capcom has revealed that the classic Breath of Fire 3 will see a re-release on both the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. Owners of these devices can pick up the game on the PlayStation Network sometime in February. It will be priced at about $9.99 USD.

The Breath of Fire JRPG series started back in 1999 by Capcom and began a small cult following for its interesting gameplay and transformation mechanic. The first games in the series was originally released on the Super Entertainment System and saw countless re-releases on future Nintendo consoles including the Game Boy Advance and Wii U eShop. Starting from the third game, Capcom moved the Breath of Fire series onto PlayStation platforms. Due to this, all future reiterations of the games have been on a Sony console in some way. The current exception is the newest web-based RPG, Breath of Fire 6 which exists on iOS, Android and possibly Windows in Japan only.

As stated you can expect Breath of Fire 3 in the PSN sometime soon in February. As for the missing western release of Breath of Fire 6? Still no word yet.


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