Alongside this charming trailer to get more information regarding Monster Hunter Stories: the spin off title to the Monster Hunter series, Capcom has announced an animation to feature with it.

The anime is based upon the events of Monster Hunter Stories, the upcoming 3DS RPG spin-off game of the Monster Hunter series. Where the emphasis in the main game is to hunt and slaughter countless giant monsters for new gear, this one will be a bit more innocent and will be about snatching babies and making them into indentured servants that you can ride on to fight against other big bad monsters. The animation is to be worked on by Fuji Television Networks in 2016. Capcom is hoping that with the obvious demand and love for Monster Hunter lately, it would be silly to not capitalize and spread the love further. The company hopes that Stories will capture the hearts of both young and older folks. Where new and old comers to the franchise can really get into and enjoy this spin off title.

The game and anime is primed for release in Japan. There is no word on any western serialization or localization. But you bet fan translations will be working in overdrive to see to it that this anime is seen by the western eye.


Both anime and game are to be released in 2016 at an undetermined exact date. We’ll be keeping an eye and ear open for any news regarding this title. At least I will. I need more cute RPG in my life.

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