The Terraria site has finally posted up a video revealing the June 30th release date for the next major update for Terraria; 1.3. Re-Logic and the team has been working tirelessly on Terraria’s PC version as well all the other ports in order to create free content. The last major PC update was in May of 2014; so one whole year of planned content is exceptionally exciting!


The video slipped out only small teasers but nevertheless, they are interesting. On first glance, it would appear that there has been a reworking in the Underworld and the skies ‘biomes’ and it looks incredible. The lightning effects in the background in the skies looks great! Not only that, but the background music for both areas have been changed up and sounds great.

In terms of items, the armor set is very futuristic, which draws parallels to the fact that the 1.3 update is looking at adding the ‘lunar event’ which had been a secret music file that came in the 1.2 update that indicated that this event would be a future inclusion in the game. What sets up the ‘space themed’ update is the selected item during the video is called the “Blackhole Beater”. There also appears to be new weapons and magical artifacts sitting in the hotbar.

Apart from these, there has been huge discussion in what will be coming in this 1.3 update and little tidbits of revealed information had been documented. Here’s the comprehensive list of things to expect in the next update. For the sake of not spoiling for people I won’t mention some of the cool features that are planned, but if you are interested, take a look! There’s some amazing things coming.

This update will be the last one for Redigit as he focus on Otherworld, the future updates from 1.3 will be handled two new developers; Yoraizor and Skiphs. These two are already working with Redigit on the 1.3 update so they’ll be ready for the future for the game.

I guess it’s time to round up the gang and delve right in on June 30th!

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