A comic book-styled space adventure game, Dimension Drive, recently fell victim to a faulty pledge during the campaign’s final moments on Kickstarter. Prior to ending, someone pledged seven thousand Euros to complete the project, only to withdraw the donation moments before the Kickstarter ended, resulting in the entire campaign failing.

“Somebody pledge 7k to our Kickstarter just to be taken a way in the last moment,” 2Awesome Studio, the developer behind the game, said over Twitter. “Trolling our end of . Funded and it’s gone.”

According to 2Awesome Studio, the “troll” who did this has done so to several other campaigns and unfortunately they fell victim to one of their attacks on Kickstarter projects. The developer promised they’ll “push through like always,” but they’re understandably extremely upset over the entire situation.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game Dimension Drive, some of the neat features the developer was hoping to deliver as stated on their Kickstarter page were:

  • A New Type of Shoot’Em Up: Dimension Drive is a Dual-Battlefield vertical Shoot’Em Up with a focus on smart, quick teleporting.
  • 4 Game Modes: Arcade, Modern, Pacifism and 1 Credit Clear all force you to approach the game in different ways and add replay value!
  • Comic Book Style: Experience the story of Jack Tywood through gorgeous, dynamic motion comics fitting the cel-shaded style and visual “pop” of the main game. In Dimension Drive, video games meet comics. Who said space was just black?
  • Teleportation!: We’ve said that already, right? It’s what makes our game really unique! No? Okay then–Teleportation!

If you’re interested in helping support 2Awesome Studio work towards releasing their game, visiting their Steam green light page would be the first place to start! They’ve recently been “greenlit” by their fans and will likely have an early release copy of the game up soon in order to fund further development.


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