Activision is moving forward with the Warcraft movie(its about time!), with a release date set for 2016. Duncan Jones has already stated that he’d like to make 2 more Warcraft movies, as the story hasn’t all been told yet. That is easy to believe, considering how long the Warcraft lore has been building up.

But before we get the second Warcraft movie, we will likely be buying tickets for a Call of Duty movie. Activision came out to announce that in either 2018 or 2019, Call of Duty will have its own movie.

War time movies have always been a fairly popular genre; either looking back on the World War’s with rose coloured glasses, or moving forward to a bright future filled with more violence and intergalactic warfare. It is unsure whether Call of Duty will be following a game in the past, future, or perhaps a new concept all together.

Activision is founding a movie company to put forward the Call of Duty film, and the President will be Nick van Dyk, previously the Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Business Development at Walt Disney Pictures. He claims that the previously founded IP in the gaming world will benefit the movie.

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