Virtual reality, how long until this happens?

Virtual reality was announced a few years ago at E3 2012. Sony has been working on Project Morpheus for 12 months and engineers have improved head tracking to a full 360 degrees. The newest design (see gallery) changes the weight of the goggles to the top of the head so the goggles don’t feel so uncomfortable. One of the most notable features allows the player to move the visual panel away from the face so players can easily relieve themselves to a drink of water or to accomplish other smaller tasks around the house without having to remove the headset. Now Sony’s Project Morpheus won’t have any kind of audio built into the headset so players will have to find their own audio solution. More info about Project Morpheus will be released around 2016 and games for Project Morpheus will be announced at E3 in June.

Now the other virtual reality goggles which is being worked on through a partnership with HTC and Vive which is powered by SteamVR. The HTC Vive instead uses straps to secure to ones head and face. SteamVR technology has a 15 x 15 foot space in gameplay. What is that? Well it simply warns players when they leave this 15 x 15 foot space to prevent things like running into a wall or falling into the abyss. This feature could be used to accommodate several rooms. HTC plans to release this by the end of this year, but like Project Morpheus, no price has been revealed.

Now there are several VR goggles being developed but I decided to only talk about two of them. Both Project Morpheus and the HTC could be the future of gaming and to answer the question of this article how long until this happens, well HTC plans on releasing the HTC Vive at the end of the year so it is pretty close.

Thank you all for reading!

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