XCOM 2 was recently revealed as a PC exclusive, and Firaxis has come out with a reason as of why. Creative Director of Firaxis, Jake Solomon, told IGN that the game will come with a Unreal Developer Kit on the same day of release or shortly after. The development kit will feature all of the tools used to create XCOM 2, and the developers are hoping to have a one click download for all of your modding needs.

Although the modding kit will be released very early in the game, its interesting to read about Firaxis’s excitement about the mods. And almost admitting that they believe some features are missing, when talking with IGN.

“We don’t have free-aiming. That will be one of the first mods, and that certainly will be fine” … “Maybe somebody will bring back time units, I’d be fine with that.”

The anticipation of those being some of the first mods released can point to the developers expecting for modders to take control of the game and make it their own. An interesting concept, and one prove to work with games like Skyrim and the GTA series.

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