Plenty of video game movies have been made in the past, but most of them are poorly received. However, there are some exceptions, one of which being the fan-made Zelda short from Emberlab, Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate.

Emberlab is an independent film and game studio that specializes in 3D commercials, mobile games, and feature-film post-production. Emberlab’s previous short film, Dust, won several awards, including Best Sci-Fi at the 2015 Hollyshorts Film Festival, Best Independant Short at the 2015 Dragon Con Film Festival, and Best of Fest at Filmquest 2015. Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate is the latest in Emberlab’s long line of work and has already amassed over two-million views since its release last week, making it Emberlab’s most popular film to date.

Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate is a retelling of how the infamous Skull Kid obtained the eldritch terror known as Majora’s Mask. The film seamlessly combines CGI characters with real-life locations. These characters can be best described as “cartoonishly-realistic” and look as if they came from a modern Pixar or Laika Entertainment movie. A lot of detail went into the movements and the facial expressions of the characters, and while the titular Majora’s Mask looks old and worn, it loses none of its terrifying presence.

Nobody knows if an actual Legend of Zelda movie will ever be created. While Emberlabs gave audiences a taste of how a Zelda movie might look, IGN performed the same feat with its 2008 april fools joke. With luck, a real Legend of Zelda movie will eventually be made, and with even more luck it will be a far cry from the abysmal Super Mario Bros. movie.

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