Jason Voorhees is an institution when it comes to the slasher genre. That’s probably by Netherrealm planted the machete wielding masked man in Mortal Kombat X. Old Jason lives up to his unkillable legend in the new game and proves that he can survive having his head and legs blown off and still be ready to fight in this crazy glitch.

YouTuber YVX12222 discovered that the key is, ironically enough, having Jason in his Unstoppable variant. Usually in this version of Jason, if you lose a second round (thereby losing the fight), Jason will sit back up and regain health based on the amount of energy the player has in their meter. According to YVX12222 this glitch only works ” while in Test Your Luck or Kustom Kombat using the Brutality Kombat Modifier”.

Jason has his legs blown off, but just like that, he pops right back up, happy as a clam!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TAv05KB1Ns]

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