A new day and with it comes new sales. The Steam Summer Sale has moved onto day 6 now bringing a new wave of franchise and individual sales to the daily sale, flash sale and monster community event bonus sale.

Like with each day of the sale, some of yesterdays sales are still available so be sure to check out our coverage of day 5 and keep in mind some deals will be returning for the encore Steam Summer Sale.

Todaythe daily deals are not including many franchises oddly enough considering what has been seen so far in the sale. The franchises today in the daily deals are Total War and Final Fantasy.

Total War has plenty of games in the sale so if you’ve heard of the series and wanted to give it a try then this is the perfect time. The most recent game to the franchise is Total War: Attila which as a 33% discount, if you are uncertain about this one then you’re in luck as Gamespresso has reviewed this one. Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition has a nice 75% discount on it’s head including improved visuals and many extra changes to make the game even better. All of the other games in the franchise have a 50% discount bringing some of them down to low prices making this a perfect time to get into the series.

Final Fantasy is a franchise filled with games and there are plenty on sale right now in the daily deals. All of the games listed have a 50% discount including several bundles for fans who are lacking several games from the series or for new people looking to enter the series.

While there aren’t too many franchise sales today there are still plenty of games available as a daily deal including some games that received a very positive response. Here’s a full list of today’s daily deals:

  • The Talos Principle at 66% off
  • Elite Dangerous at 25% off
  • Terraria at 75% off
  • Verdun at 50% off
  • Life Feudal at 50% off
  • Assetto Corsa at 50% off
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition at 80% off
  • The Crew at 50% off
  • Grav at 50% off
  • Payday2 at 75% off
  • WWE 2K15 at 50% off
  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition at 75% off

The daily deals are a little bit mixed as usual and so is the current flash sale. The flash sale also includes some franchises; Street Fighter, Deus Ex and Need for Speed.

The Street Fighter franchise sale only includes Street Fighter IV however but at least that game is cut to 50% off. The next addition to the series is due for release next year and this currently no preorder promotion for the game.

Deus Ex however is much more promising sale wise. Each game has been given an 80% price cut and with the gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided being revealed today no doubt there are many new players who would like to give the series a try. This is the perfect time to pick up the series and give it a test before the new game come out.

Need for Speed also has a new game coming out with a new trailer being show at E3 this week. The previous games are available at a 78% discount and are now pretty cheap so if you’re interested in the new game this could be a good chance to get a feel for the series.

There are other games in the flash sale of course:

  • Distance at 50% off
  • Mordheim: City of the Damned at 40% off
  • Reassembly at 35% off
  • Baldur’s Fate II: Enhanced Edition at 66% off
  • Grow Home at 50% off
  • Skullgirls at 85% off
  • Rise of Nations: Extended Edition at 75% off
  • Spelunky at 80% off
  • Sins of a Solar Empire at 75% off
  • SystemShock 2 at 90% off
  • Doorkickers at 75% off
  • Contagion at 75% off

The community reached all of the milestones yesterday in the Monster  Steam Summer Sale community game event and unlocked some more discounts for all Steam users. Included in today’s sale is Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum at a 34% discount. It would seem that the software can only be accessed through Steam however so for editors who are interested in the software then you will need to remember this.

The games from the community event are:

  • realMyst: Masterpiece Edition at 66% off
  • Lords of Xulima at 50% off
  • DriverSan Francisco at 75% off
  • Take on Mars at 33% off
  • The Fall at 80% off
  • bit Dungeon 2 at 50% off
  • Republique Remastered at 33% off
  • Dino D-Day at 95% off

That’s it for the sale today and remember some of yesterday’s deals are still available if you missed them. We’ll be covering tomorrows sales as well and each day until the Steam Summer Sale is over. Be sure to check back with us each day to see if it’s worth logging into to Steam to spend more money and get a bigger backlog of games.

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