With Rocksteady’s stated final entry in the Arkham series making its way to store shelves tomorrow, they certainly seem to be doubling-down on that ‘final’ part. Featuring the voice of Jonathan Banks, the newcomer to the Commissioner Gordon role, we’re treated to a pretty clear declaration of what awaits Batman at the end of story. Whether knowing that is a good or a bad thing, there is one thing that is abundantly clear, it will be one heck off a ride and fight getting there.

The trailer emphasizes the new, gorgeous character models and faces, and shows off some of the game’s new mechanics, like the batmobile and dual play.

In the run-up to launch we’ve seen quite a bit of Batman Arkham Knight, including a rather terrifying cinematic at the Sony E3 press conference. As we continue to wait, what do you think of the launch trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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