Xbox One’s Upload Studio, wherein players can edit and upload gameplay clips to Xbox Live, today received a “major update”, which increases the maximum number of clips allowed in one splice and the maximum runtime for individual clips, as well as offering a wide variety of new editing features.

As it is, Upload Studio is a very handy tool for players wishing to show off their skills on the Xbox One. Its editing tools, while useful, only really cover the basics. This update introduces a more in-depth system of editing by giving players access to more tools, more runtime, and more clips.

Major Nelson released a video detailing the features.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTVAxFcp-Xg]

The update allows users to splice together up to 15 different segments, with a maximum runtime of 30 minutes. This offers a better option for those wishing to upload a more ‘Let’s Play’ style of video. Users also have access to features like transitions, title cards, intros, effects, splash screens, templates, text overlays, and voice-overs.

Upload Studio is also receiving a completely new UI that implements new options and features, such as the new ‘Add Effect’ button. Players can choose a clip, such as an intro, and then change the effect to change the intro itself; as Major Nelson demonstrates in his video, they can also add Kinect clips with varying green screen effects.

See below for a shortlist of changes as specified in the video, or check them out yourself right now in Upload Studio:

New maximum of 15 segments per video

New maximum runtime of 30 minutes



Effects – customised from game-to-game (eg. Halo or Sunset Overdrive-themed effect)

Transitions – customised from game-to-game

Title cards

Splash screens


Text overlays


Redesigned User Interface

Change order of clips at any time during editing

Pre-built templates – select game-specific template, fill in spaces with clips

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