Bethesda just finished up their first E3 conference. While the focus was definitely on Fallout 4, they definitely put an emphasis on the first sequel in the Dishonored series: Dishonored 2. The reveal wasn’t as exciting as the trailer, though, being that Dishonored 2 was already revealed yesterday.

The trailer puts an emphasis on the new assassin, Emily, as the kingdom is in crisis again. While not much else was revealed, the trailer revealed some new powers, like one that allow Emily to move around the city like Spiderman. As well, some of the new enemies have the ability to counter some of Emily’s new moves, requiring more strategic planning from the player.

Dishonored 2 also allows you to switch between Emily and Corvo, each with their own weapons and powers. It also reintroduces the game’s morality mechanic of either killing or sparing your victims. Arkane’s president Raphael Colantonio, announced the game alongside Harvey Smith, formerly of the Deus Ex series. The two were the co-directors of the first Dishonored. Dishonored 2 will be released Spring 2016.

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