Last year there was an advertisement for writers to be part of ESPN as ‘competitive gaming’ writers, which suggested there were plans for the sporting commentary company to expand to eSports. As of today, ESPN has finally announced the upcoming branch to their lineup, which is known as ESPN Esports. According to the company, this division is meant to be a hub where readers and competitive gaming fans can check out for all the latest news and intricacies that pertain to the eSports scene.

The website is now live and the staff presently responsible for the many facets of games pertaining to the eSports category include former Gamespot writer Rod Breslau, The Score eSports’ Emily Rand and many more from various different outlets. The current ESPN editor-in-chief has gone on to assure all readers that ESPN eSports will maintain the level of quality and journalism that ESPN has kept. There has been no word on whether or not this division will have any airtime on the various ESPN channels.

Along with the website, a twitter page was made and the logo was shown for this division which can be seen below.


ESPN hasn’t been a stranger to the eSports scene. As of late, they’ve been broadcasting some matches of various major tournaments from various games. These include the Heroes of the Dorm finals match and Dota 2’s The International matches. It’s a strong move that will help them appeal to the younger audience and educate the older generation who will no doubt express their indiscretion.

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