Crackdown, Microsoft’s open-world super cop simulator, is coming to Xbox One at some point, though it’s the third in the series it’s not going to be called Crackdown 3. And judging by how they name things which should be called 3, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be Crackdown One.

In response to a question on Twitter asking if Crackdown will be making an appearance at this years E3, Head of Xbox – Phil Spencer replied saying:

Sorry, not announcing what games are where right now but Crackdown is making great progress.

I’d wager my money it will be there , as Crackdown news has been pretty thin on the ground thus far. Also it made an appearance last year so it’d be strange to skip E3 this time around.

If it is shown, hopefully Crackdown has retained the over-the-top style and emphasis on fun shown in the announcement video – below, and that was present in its predecessors.

Crackdown is exclusive to Xbox One and without a release date. And don’t forget to check back for all your E3 needs.

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