It seems the rumours were true – Destiny’s next expansion will be “The Taken King,” and it’s set to be released on September 15th according to Kotaku, who got their hands on some marketing information from unnamed sources.

Boasted earlier in the year as the “biggest yet” by publisher Activision, The Taken King is expected to bring obvious things like new Strikes, multiplayer maps and exotic weapons, as well as a new Raid where you are said to be killing Oryx, father of Crota from the first expansion. He’s apparently mildly upset that we offed his son, so is out for revenge and leading a fresh band of baddies called “the Taken” (ergo the DLC name).

The most exciting thing may be the promised of a new subclass for each character class, bringing new elemental “Supercharged” abilities as per the element of the class.

From Kotaku – an electrical storm for Warlocks (arc); a gravity bow for Hunters (void); and a flaming hammer for Titans (solar). Hardcore Destiny players will notice that each of these abilities revolves around the element each respective class lacks today.

Unfortunately, all this extra content comes at a price, and a fairly hefty one at that. The Taken King is apparently priced at $40 according to Kotaku’s tipster and other corroborated sources, double the cost of both House of Wolves and The Dark Below. On top of this, The Taken King will not be downloadable via the Destiny DLC pass sold alongside at release, the first of which to be outside the constraints of said pass.

Despite declining to comment on the Kotaku article, Bungie have said that we can expect Destiny news at E3 (although this leak would seem to come at a fairly terrible time), so all we can really hope for is whatever announcements they have next week.

The full details on what’s included and how this information was obtained can be found over on the Kotaku article, here.




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