Rocket League will receive various updates when its new patch is released in the coming weeks.

The official Rocket League twitter account revealed a few details about the upcoming patch 1.05 that will be available “in two weeks or less.”

  • PC players will be able to filter PS4 players out of their matchmaking search (PS4 members already have the option to filter out PC players).
  • A new music player interface will appear in the menu screens allowing you to browse and select through the game’s different songs.  When asked if music could be played in game, a response from the account said “Not at this time, no. That’s a much bigger design/ impact on the game question with heavy UI implications.”
  • A “find new match” option will appear at the post-game screen after a ranked match. Currently, you have to exit to the main menu to start a new ranked match.
  • Items, including flags, will be available from the game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.
  • Data corruption will be less likely to occur.

After the patch is released, Psyonix plans to announce new DLC for the title that they claim will have new vehicles.

Rocket Leagued launched last month for PS4 and PC, and a version for Mac is also on the way. Are you still playing Rocket League?

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