While Pokemon Go has been huge and a large amount of mobile gaming fans are looking forward to Super Mario Run, don’t forget that Nintendo put out its first app before either of these. It may not be a game, but Miitomo is a fun way social media app that allows gaming fans to connect with one another. This connection has just become smoother than ever.

Nintendo has recently released an update for Miitomo that adds a few new features. Each is meant to make the social experience of the app even greater than before. First, private messaging has now been added. Those on the app can now send a message to anyone on their friends list for only them to see. Of course, in front of your friends or anyone else, you want to look your best. The latest update on Miitomo has also added the ability to style up your in-app room with some personal posters and more.

Along with this is the ability to style up your own avatar. You can set up 3 of your favorite outfits every day to share with the Miitomo world. For more information on this update, you can go to the app’s official website. Download it now and have a blast.

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