The creative people behind the shoot-and-loot fun of the Borderlands series has been hard at work with their shooter/MOBA hybrid, Battleborn. It looked interesting, press videos released promised a robust and complex layout of different ways to play, and it has been pushed back to May of 2016? Wait what?

In a recent announcement during their quaterly earnings report, Take-Two interactive announced the delay of Gearbox’s newest IP. Originally slated for a February 2016 release, not much reason was given for the three month push. When reaching out for an explanation, Gamespot received a statement from Take-Two stating they would allow Gearbox to fully realize their creative vision for the game. Chances are that’s just a general way of saying bug squashing and overall additional polish.

But there is one thing that isn’t clear and that is the launch date for Battleborn’s beta. A closed beta happened sometime ago and an open beta was going to be coming to the PS4 with a vague “early 2016” release window. It’s not entirely certain if this will either be delayed or not, but one way or another, let’s hope this leads to a better overall experience.

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