Following the winter holiday event, multiple patches, New Years resolution voice lines, and much more in the past 2 months, Blizzard is releasing a Lunar New Year patch for Overwatch on January 24th. We’ve been updated via Twitter, with not a whole lot of information.

It’s likely that we’ll get a new Mei skin, like the one shown in the teaser image. It’s even possible players will be gifted red envelopes containing credits, judging from Mei holding them so prominently in the video. Red signifies good luck and happiness in Chinese culture, and red envelopes containing small amounts of money are traditionally passed out during the Lunar New Year.

We also got a small update from the Korean Overwatch Twitter, showing off a new skin for resident Pro Gamer Hana “D.Va” Song.

D.Va’s skin is a bit more traditional, which makes sense as she’s very proud of her home. She wears a pink and blue Hanbok and her mecha is guilded and painted. Koreans also celebrate the Lunar New Year, though a bit differently, so it’s only natural that D.Va would be included in this update as well. Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year for 3 days, and tend to visit family, give and receive gifts, and buy new clothes to celebrate the new year.

The Lunar New Year patch drops January 24th, and will likely include small festivities and the two teased skins for D.Va and Mei.

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