The StreetPass update is now here! During the Nintendo Direct on April 1st, Nintendo announced a new update for the Mii Plaza. This update brings two brand new plaza games, Battleground Z, a game where you must fight your way through zombie hordes, and Ultimate Angler, a game where you fish. Each game costs $4.99 or you can purchase both for $7.99. Although, if you already own all of the StreetPass games, you get a very small discount and can buy both games for $6.99.

The free part of the update adds some new features as well. You can now rearrange the icons for the games, customize the StreetPass greeting balloons, and hide the games your not interested in and more into a vault.

You can also buy a premium upgrade for $4.99. This upgrade comes with the ability to record peoples birthdays, you can also turn Miis into VIPs, which will prevent them from being deleted later on, you can listen to the Plaza music player even if you close your system and play seven different songs, you can also speed up the skip conversation when meeting Miis, allowing you to clear your line faster.

What are your thoughts on the new update? Is it too pricey? Or totally worth it?

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