What is Destiny‘s Prison of Elders?

The Prison of Elders is Bungie’s latest addition to Destiny alongside the House of Wolves. In what is essentially a horde mode, players must fight through 5 rounds of increasing difficult enemies, with round each sporting 3 waves. Some waves just consist of enemies in droves, while others have specific objectives that need to be completed to avoid wiping and losing.

Who is Kaliks Reborn?

After the reset a few hours ago, Destiny‘s level 34 Prison of Elders mission reset. Instead of fighting Qodron like last week, who is now the level 32 boss, players will fight Kaliks Reborn, a giant Servitor-God to the Fallen.

Destiny Kaliks Reborn Prison of Elders

Kaliks Reborn itself doesn’t actually have that much health, which immediately makes this Prison of Elders mission more difficult than last week’s level 34; however, random Dregs will periodically spawn that you have to destroy. If you don’t, Kaliks Reborn gains all its health back, and you need to start damaging him from the top once more.

This mechanic is very similar to that found in Qodron’s boss fight, though admittedly it’s far easier this time – especially given Qodron’s instant-death shield mechanic.

How do I beat Kaliks Reborn in Prison of Elders?

Defeating Kaliks Reborn sounds daunting enough as it is, but it’s much easier than you think. Based on personal experience, here’s a method that worked best for me.

Method 1.


  • Primary: Any
  • Secondary: Preferably one Shotgun, one Sniper Rifle.
  • Heavy: Gjallarhorn is a fan-favorite, but the best thing to do is go with any high-damage Rocket Launcher (have yet to test it with a Machine Gun)

Player tasks:

  • Player 1: Focuses on Kaliks Reborn
  • Player 2: Focuses on Kaliks Reborn; keeps an eye out for random enemies spawning nearby.
  • Player 3: Focuses on Kaliks Reborn; keep’s an eye out for random enemies spawning nearby.

Where do I go?

The best place to be during the fight with Kaliks Reborn is largely at the back-left of the room from where you enter. Kaliks Reborn can’t shoot into it, which is great news, but plenty of enemies do spawn near you, so be sure to take them out as quickly as possible.

What do I do?

  • Head to the left back corner of the room. Try not to take out too many enemies on the way or stop too much.
  • (Optional first time around due to time loss getting to end of room) Shoot Kaliks Reborn for a short period of time.
  • Aim back down hallway – take out glowing Dregs to avoid Kaliks Reborn gaining any health back.
  • The text “Kaliks Reborn gorges on Ether” will appear. If you didn’t take out all the glowing Dregs, its health will fully regenerate.
  • Wail on Kaliks Reborn with all the Heavy Ammo and Supers you have.
  • Enemies, along with glowing Dregs you need to kill, will soon respawn. Make sure you take out all of them.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Defeating Kaliks Reborn only took a couple of wipes to really figure out what to do, and after that it only took 2 or 3 waves of enemies to defeat it, which is a great run for a new Prison of Elders.

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind:

  • Kaliks Reborn will regenerate all of its health. Choose wisely when to spend all your Heavy Ammo.
  • The Dregs you need to kill in order to stop its regeneration glow purple as if shielded by the Servitor, and have yellow health. Shotguns and Sniper Rifles work well.
  • The Dregs will run after you; let them come and line them up.
  • The Dregs mostly spawn in the doorways along that left wall – keep an eye on them and your radar.
  • Titan Bubble is incredibly handy, but not necessary.

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