Destiny: The Taken King, or Destiny 1.5 as it has colloquially been called, garnered Bungie some rightful criticism recently. It was (and still is) planned to be released digitally and on disc containing the original game, both expansions already available; The Dark Below and House of Wolves, as well as with the new content specific to The Taken King expansion.

This meant, to be able to get the new stuff, those that have already purchased the two expansions effectively had to pay for content they already own.

Now though, Bungie has listened to the outrage and will be releasing The Taken King with the collectors edition items as a separate digital download at a reduced price, DeeJ explains in the weekly update:

“We’re actively working to make the digital content from the Collector’s Edition available in a $20 upgrade bundle (suggested retail price)”

The Taken King is available to pre-order in a few versions to cater for what content you may already own, and will be released on 15th September 2015.

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