The Walking Dead’s first half of season six got off to a huge start delivering some of the show’s biggest shocks to date. With the return of the highly anticipated cable drama just around the corner, AMC has released a new promo for the second half of the sixth season which can be seen above.

The promo gives a quick glimpse into what fans can expect from the rest of the sixth season including a reference to the new villain Negan, a club-wielding villain from the Walking Dead comic books.

Back in November it was announced that Watchman actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan would fill the role of Negan and that the villain would show up near the end of the sixth season. Morgan is also expected to become a series regular in season seven.

In an interview with the Telegraph, star Andrew Lincoln spoke about how the actor deals with the writers’ willingness to kill off popular, long-running characters. “When we start filming a season, I don’t want to know if anyone’s died,” he said, “It’s a sort of courtesy to the rest of your cast. Even though I’m an actor, I’m a very bad liar. Being sat with people at lunch, and going ‘yeah, yeah’, and knowing that they were on their way out… I don’t think it’d be very helpful to me, or to anyone else. We have the same reaction as the audience does when someone dies. We feel robbed.”

The Walking Dead’s sixth season returns to AMC on February 14, 2016.

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