Its that time of the week again: Destiny Weekly Reset. There’s a new Weekly Heroic Strike, Nightfall Strike, and changes to the level 32 and 34 Prison of Elders. Who will we be fighting this week?

In the Weekly Heroic, you’ll be traveling to the Summoning Pits in the Hellmouth to fight against the Hive abomination, Phogoth, the Untamed. For this strike, the Herioc and Small Arms modifiers are active, so you’ll be favoring your primary weapon on this one. For the Nightfall, you’ll fight Tanniks, the Scarred in the Fallen ketch above the Moon. The usual Nightfall and Epic modifiers are active, along with Void Burn, Solar Burn, and Grounded.

As for the Prison of Elders, you’ll be seeing the Fallen Servitor Kaliks, Reborn in the final round of the level 32 challenge, and the Hive Ogre, Gulrot, Unclean for level 34. Be sure to have your Treasure Keys so you have a better chance at some good gear!

If you need a break from raids or the Prison, you can also earn your weekly Crucible and Vanguard points, so be sure to do some strikes and play some Crucible (if that’s your cup of tea). For more Destiny updates and news, keep it here at Gamespresso!

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