It’s the weekend, and that means Xur has come out of the shadows with some cool gear for your Guardian. This week, the Agent of the Nine is in Tower North, in front of the big door that’s across from the Speaker. As always, Xur has Exotic gear for all three Guardian classes for 13 Strange Coins each, an Exotic weapon for 23, an Exotic Shard for 7, and an Exotic Engram for 23 Motes of Light, along with Weapon telemetries and Plasma Drives.

For Titans, Xur is selling the Helm of Saint-14, with 451 defense, 36 Light, and 111 Intellect; the stats max out at 491 defense, 42 Light, and 118 Intellect when fully upgraded. The perks include an increased melee attack speed, getting more super energy from non-Guardian kills, and granting you the ability to blind enemies that make the mistake of stepping into your Ward of Light.

The Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets are available for Hunters, providing 369 defense, 36 Light, and 18 discipline as base stats, and can be upgraded to 402 defense, 42 Light, and 114 Discipline. As for perks, you can make Tripmine grenades last longer when placed, increase the reload speed with Special Weapons, and gain more Super energy from grenade kills.

As for Warlocks, the all-black Obsidian Mind helmet is available. It comes with 36 Light, 71 Intellect, and 50 Strength, and can be maxed out at 42 Light, 75 Intellect, and 53 Strength. Your perks allow you to throw grenades farther, increase the amount of Super energy gained from killing non-Guardian enemies, and reduce the cooldown of your next Nova Bomb with Nova Bomb kills.

The MIDA Multi-Tool also makes a comeback with that new Exotic smell. Since the House of Wolves raised the maximum damage rating for weapons, this MIDA can be maxed out at the 365 weapon cap. It starts at 334 attack, and its perks allow the radar to stay active while aiming, increase the weapon’s magazine, and boost agility. And, being an Exotic, its got a perk that matches the weapon’s name: the MIDA Multi-Tool perk boosts movement speed, and allows the weapon to be fired on a hair trigger. If you haven’t added it to your collection, its definitely worth it.

If you’re playing Destiny, be sure to take a break and spend you hard earned Strange Coins on some new Exotics!

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