Disney has announced that Orlando Bloom will reprise the role of Will Turner in a new upcoming Pirates movie.

Will Turner wasn’t anywhere to be found in the last adventure of his fellow pirate, Jack Sparrow, but now will return to the franchise in the latest installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Bloom will not be the only cast member returning to the franchise.  Joining him will be Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow), Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa), Kevin R. McNally (Gibbs), and Stephen Graham (Scrum).

The last time we saw Will Turner was in the 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean film, At World’s End.  Turner and his fellow pirates took on the combined forces of the Royal Navy and Davy Jones in a final battle inside the maelstrom of the seas.  Turner was absent from the more recent entry to the series, but we look forward to seeing the character return.

Are you excited about a new Pirates movie?  What would you like to see from Mr. Turner?  Let us know in the comments below.

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