Nothing comes cheap in the world of video games. When a great deal comes along, it should be told to the masses. GameStop is doing just that with their latest PS4 deal. This deal, however, might be more ‘supercharged’ than one would expect.

GameStop is now advertising a refurbished PS4 that the company has put together with a new hard drive. With this new hard drive the PS4 is $480, but has 2 terabytes worth of memory. For gamers who find that they have been filling their next-gen consoles quickly, this could be a great investment. This is especially true for some of the more involved games that take up large amounts of memory in the systems. As of now, the deal also includes a free pre-owned game that’s under a $30 value.

Sony recently announced a 1 TB version of the PS4, but there is no word of its release in North America. GameStop’s deal might just be just the thing for those PlayStation fans looking for more memory now.


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