At this year’s E3 press conference, Harmonix announced Rock Band Rivals, a new expansion for Rock Band 4. Details on this new expansion are limited at this time, but the company promises that the expansion will bring new features, songs, and experiences that many fans of Rock Band will enjoy.

Harmonix also showed off the Fender Jaguar Controller from new partners PDP (Performance Designed Products). The controller will feature a new sleek design, as well as a foldable neck for easy storage once you’re done rocking out to your favorite tracks. On top of the new design, other features such as the strum bar and calibration sensor have been improved. The Fender Jaguar Controller will retail for $69.99, with a bundle of the expansion and the guitar running at $89.99.

PDP has also announced other accessories for the controller, including a charging station and a legacy adapter for older Rock Band controllers.

In anticipation for the launch of the expansions, Harmonix has launched a new SnapChat for players to track the team’s progress throughout development.

Harmonix will release a bundle that includes Rock Band 4, Rivals DLC, a Fender Jaguar controller, a microphone, and a drum set for $199.99. Rock Band Rivals is set to realease sometime later this year.

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