It is not too surprising that after the first movie was a complete and utter flop that Fox has removed Fantastic Four 2 from their release schedule.

Originally, Fantastic Four 2 was scheduled to be released on June 9, 2017, but now it does not appear that the movie will even be made. The release date for the sequel was announced before the first Fantastic Four movie had been made, and back in September, Simon Kindberg had said that he was really focused” on the sequel in an interview with MTV News.

The first installment of the rebooted franchise was the center of a lot of negativity before the movie had been released. Rumors swirled that there was a conflict between producers and director Josh Trank. The movie had a lot of reshoots and was torn apart by critics.


Fantastic Four has only managed to make a little under $167 million worldwide and cost $120 million to make. Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman at Fox, even singled out the film as the main reason that Fox had a lower revenue than predicted for 2015.

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