Anyone who has played Destiny will readily admit that its story is simply not up to par with what Bungie has previously produced.

That being said, the cutscenes available in the vanilla release were high quality and, initially, entertaining. However, after countless times spent watching them, these visual storytelling devices quickly grew old.

In a game that depends largely on repetition and grinding the same missions over and over again, it was hugely surprising that Bungie did not include the ability to skip these cutscenes after seeing them for the first time….until now.

Development lead on the highly anticipated “Taken King” DLC release, Justin Truman, confirmed today to IGN that players can finally skip cutscenes in the game.

“You can skip all the cut scenes if you want to,” Truman said.

The Taken King is scheduled for release on September 15, and will include three new subclasses for players to enjoy.

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