If you’ve played Deus Ex: Human Revolution, then the chances are you’re looking forward to the follow-up; Mankind Divided. If that is the case, boy have we got a treat for you – twenty five whole minutes of gameplay footage, all narrated by Executive Audio Director at Edios Montreal, Steve Szczepkowski.

The video kicks of in Praha, 2029. During a relatively non-interactive sequence wondering around a train station Steve informs us of the basics, i.e. Adam Jensen, the protagonist you play as, is now more seasoned and empowered than in the first instalment. He’ll have access to new augments, tools and weapons and works combatting terrorism. However he’s not fully trusting of his employer and finds himself working as somewhat of a double agent.

Once past the opening we’re thrust 30 hours into the future where you’re looking for Talos Rucker, the leader of the Augmented Rights Coalition, or A.R.C for short. During this mission we’re shown some of Jensen’s new abilities such as his non-lethal Tesla gun arm, Icarus Dash, Titan Shield and the Nano Blade – amongst others.

Throughout Steve Szczepkowski makes note of general improvements like making combat as rewarding as stealth gameplay; one such addition to achieve that goal is on-the-go weapon customisation, allowing you to switch out ammo types, scopes, adjust rate of fire and more. He also mentions how new abilities will add to the open ended manner you make your way to objectives – and how other characters will remind of that fact.

All the footage shown is in the Alpha stage, but as it is, the graphics are looking very good and the art style and sound is exactly as you would expect from Human Revolution. You can give the video a watch below.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a 2016 release date, it comes out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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