Along with heaps of details about the next Doom game, Id Software also took the time during the recent Bethesda E3 press conference to show off a new content-creation system they are bringing to the game. Called Doom Snapmap, the system is meant as an “easy to use, in-game tool,” allowing every player, regardless of previous skill or experience, to quickly create, customize, and share maps and even game modes. Some of the creations shown off ranged from a co-op horde mode to even a multiplayer match.

Inspired by the incredible modding community built up around the previous Doom games, Doom Snapmap is meant to push that level of creativity even further. Emphasizing the simple to use, yet still incredibly deep nature of the toolset, Id Software called it a “gateway to an endless stream of Doom experiences, created by you.”


To start out, Snapmap seems to allow you to build a map through pre-made tilesets, but then allows for extensive customization of objects in the environment itself. It was even demoed how game logic can be changed to create entirely new game modes.


What do you think of Snapmap? Does it look like something you’d enjoy playing around with? Let us know in the comments.

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