Announced back in August of 2013, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a first-person adventure game in the same vein of Gone Home or developer, The Chinese Room’s, first game, Dear Esther. Set in rural England, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture begins 31 years after the world has ended, featuring a beautifully haunting landscape left to explore. Thankfully, for fans clamoring to piece together the mysteries of that enticing world, The Chinese Room creative director, Dan Pinchbeck, took to the PlayStation Blog to announce the game will release exclusively on PS4 on August 11th.

Also announcing the launch of the game’s official website, Pinchbeck promised, “There’s going to be a lot more news about Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture coming out between now and launch, including a development diary which lifts the hood on how we got from the first ideas to this game we’ve poured heart and soul into over the last three years; another mini-documentary and lots more. But don’t worry – the mystery of what happened in Yaughton valley thirty-one years ago will remain buried in the empty fields and woods for you to discover.”

Speaking to the growing library of first-person adventure games, a modern trend started by The Chinese Room’s previous game, Dear Esther, Pinchbeck stated, “We stand alongside studios and developers who are committed to pushing at the boundaries of what games can be, and that’s being part of a tradition as old as gaming itself. This medium has always been about those boundaries, that pushing out, that bending and breaking of rules to do new things, and we hope Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture will earn its place in that.”

To celebrate the announcements, The Chinese Room also released another tack from the game’s soundtrack. Be sure to check it out below. Just a few weeks ago, over 17 minutes of gameplay was released for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. In the agonizing wait for August 11th, we’d love to know what you think of all we’ve seen of the game so far. Sound off in the comments.

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