Straying from the typical storyline of Xbox’s main flagship game – alone, solo, and against the covenant – Halo 5 is breaking new ground. And this time, they dare to feature 4 Spartans at a time according to Game Informer. The Blue Team, filled with 3 unique, and powerful Spartan-II characters, will be playable by your friends – or controlled with commands in single player.

The additional Spartans, Fred, Linda, and Kelly, all feature a unique load out and specialty. The characters will be appearing in cut scenes throughout Halo 5 and interacting with Master Chief, in an attempt to fill the void Cortana has left behind. (Lets be honest though, are we really upset that Cortana’s gone for the time being?)

Since Halo 5’s campaign also follows Spartan Jameson Locke, hunting down Master Chief, he recruits his own team – from Fireteam Osiris.
Halo 5 is certainly getting filled up with a unique cast of playable characters, which will offer a more engaging play through for those wishing to experience it co-cooperatively.

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