Smosh Games’ series of Honest Games Trailers is famous on Youtube for mocking high-brow titles like Destiny, Grand Theft Auto Online and Ocarina of Time. Most recently, they have put their sarcastic spin on Blizzard’s newly-released Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Heroes of the Storm. Characters (dubbed “Heroes”)  from all of their franchises from Tychus and Kerrigan (StarCraft) to the Lich King (Warcraft mythos) to Diablo to more obscure such as the Lost Vikings are on hand to fight representing nearly 20 years of Blizzard history.

For those unfamiliar, the series prides itself on taking a brutal stance on many of the features we see in modern gaming and then making fun of the lackluster or silly aspects alongside. This time, the Smosh Games team have turned on Blizzard’s newly-released MOBA Heroes of the Storm, lampooning its business model of microtransactions and its heritage.

You can view the new Honest Game Trailer below:

After an extensive alpha along with open beta testing, Heroes of the Storm launched earlier this week and can be downloaded free-to-play via Blizzard’s online client Those who flock to the new MOBA early enough and become active players can earn exclusive rewards such as an early play XP boost for the first three weeks to begin leveling characters as well as an exclusive in-game portrait.


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