Telltale confirmed via Twitter that the third season of its critically acclaimed take on The Walking Dead series will not be coming out this year. Director of PR, Job Stauffer confirmed the news, stating, “No, [The Walking Dead Season 3] is not starting in 2015. But what I am seeing this week will be, and it is insanely cool. Stay close, news soon!”

A follow-up tweet, in which Stauffer comments that “he didn’t say” no new content would be arriving in 2015 hints at the possibility that something related to the series will release at some point this year.

If Telltale’s past with the series is any indication, we could be seeing content similar to that of 400 Days, the special episode that bridged the gap between the first and second seasons. On the other hand, we could see something completely original or content that is tied into The Walking Dead’s upcoming spinoff show.

Are you disappointed that Season 3 won’t be releasing this year? What do you think we will get in the meantime, and what direction do you feel Season 3 will take? Sound off in the comments below.

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