Telltale has announced the penultimate episode of their narrative-driven trip through Minecraft, Minecraft: Story Mode, will release on all platforms December 22nd. This comes less than a month after the game’s third episode, “The Last Place You Look” released, and ended on a bit of cliffhanger.

Telltale has teased that the forth episode, titled “A Block and a Hard Place” might actually conclude the Wither Storm conflict that the series has centered on, and the fifth “mysterious” episode will launch sometime in 2016.

Wondering how well Minecraft and narrative adventure games go together? It turns out they fit pretty well. Check out our reviews for Episode 1 “The Order of the Stone,” Episode 2 “Assembly Required,” and Episode 3 “The Last Place You Look.” The forth episode is included for all season pass or retail disc owners. Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments

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