During their E3 presentation earlier this week, Nintendo announced the latest game in the Metroid series, Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Set in the Metroid Prime universe, Federation Force features 4 player co-op missions with users taking up the mantle of a Galactic Federation soldier in a war against beasties and bad guys alike. The games focus is on teamwork, with players working together to take down enemy bases and complete mission objectives. The E3 trailer shows that combat will be in first person, with weapons that can be aimed using the 3DS gyroscope. The game will also include 3v3 ‘sci-fi sports’ mode, Blast Ball, tasking players with shooting a ball into a goal to score points.

A number of fans were upset with Nintendo over the announcement of Federation Force, prompting a petition to be created on Change.org for the cancellation of the game, with over 16,000 signatures already collected. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata tweeted a semi-apology to fans, stating “We take opinions of this year’s Digital Event seriously and will work better to meet your expectations.”

All in all, Metroid Prime: Federation Force looks to be a cheerful and quirky side-step in the series, rather than the all-out, brand new episode in the Metroid saga which is still being craved by its followers.

You can make up your own mind on Nintendo’s decision when Metroid Prime: Federation Force touches down on 3DS in 2016.

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